Many players interested in historical games want the game to support modding natively, i.e. without need to hack resource files or other unneccessary obstacles. We are pleased to announce that Real Warfare 2: Northern Crusades will let you make the game a turn-based strategy with hot-seat multiplayer if you want to, since it will be shipped with full-blown editor used by developers themselves.

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<a href='' target='_blank' >Download</a>

GUI, game mechanics, AI, resources and map generator settings - all script components of the game are stored in XML and AIX files for the ease of editing so that the players can do anything they want. For example, if you want to create a new unique unit, you’ll need only to repaint existing soldier textures because there are tons of existing 3D models for heads, helmets, shields of various types and so on. There are plenty of existing animations as well, enough for most warriors who walked the Earth (excluding exotic ones like samurai or indians maybe). If this is not enough, developers promise to provide full toolkit for converting models and animations created in a third-party 3D editor.

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<a href='' target='_blank' >Download</a>

Strategic map can be also changed as you want for your project which opens almost endless possibilities for creative minds.

Creators of “Real Warfare 2: Northern Crusades” want to give those who like to tinker with the game and not just complete it all neccessary tools to create something new - be it a new content for the vanilla game or even a completely different experience.

Let’s talk about recruiting a survivable army in Real Warfare 2: Northern Crusades. Should all of its warriors belong to one nation? In fact, this is not required, you can create a multi-national army hiring warriors of different lands. If you have good relations with a faction, you can hire new troops or reinforce existing ones in its castles and settlements. Different troops are available in different places - you can find ragtags willing to trade their life for a couple of coins and illusory hope of future wealth in almost every village, while knights can be found only in large castles and you’ll need quite an income to afford them. In the end you can find yourself in command of a rather mixed army where Russian druzhina archers fight together with western knights.

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<a href='' target='_blank' >Download</a>

Of course, given experience and gold all regiments can be upgraded and you have a list of various options here. You can re-train soldiers and make them use crossbows, converting a militia swordsmen to militia crossbowmen. You can increase unit strength - fielding 200 pikemen instead of 120 is always a plus - and increase their weapon proficiency. Increasing unit class is also possible - with sufficient battle experience you can upgrade your militia swordsmen to sergeants or buy horses and turn them into a light cavalry regiment. In short, you have plenty of options within limits - a Teutonic knight won’t become a Mongol horse archer even if you want him to.

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<a href='' target='_blank' >Download</a>

Commander skills are not to be neglected either, since they effect army as a whole or specific regiment types. Increased march speed of an entire army, boosted experience gain rate, inspired morale and many other commander abilities can be quite helpful in battles to come.

To sum this up, don’t be afraid to experiment, but don’t forget about balance either, since every regiment has strengths and weaknesses and strong points of one regiment should compensate for weak points of another.

Customers who pre-purchased the Real Warfare 2: Northern Crusades also received the previous game in the series, Real Warfare: 1242, for free. It offers various tactical battles, but doesn't have the strategic mode available in RW2.

They are playing it right now and we received a number of questions regarding best tactics in a given mission.

This is one of the possible solutions, demonstrating how you can beat the second battle in Real Warfare 1242 - Skirmish with Mongols:

Recommended order of battle

  1. Your own reqiment
  2. Two regiments of junior druzhina (young retinue) foot pikemen
  3. Two regiments of junior druzhina mounted archers

This will be enough - in addition you'll receive 5 regiments of mounted junior druzhina (young retinue) pikemen and you'll be supported by your ally.

The battle

To win this battle with minimal losses, you need to follow these simple tips:
  • Listen to messages from your ally
  • Always try to isolate enemy regiments and attack them , always try to create local quantative superiority to win each small skirmish easily
  • Use 'Thongs' trick often - feign retreat with one of your regiments so enemy will pursue it, then charge the pursuing enemy from the flanks or, even better, from the rear.
  • If you feel you don't control the situation anymore and you need to be in several places of the battlefield at once - use the luxury of the pause feature.
  • Don't get carried away by pursuing broken enemies while there are still battle-ready enemy forces around.

Let's begin!

Step 1.

Pause the game! Take your time, study the battlefield and visible enemy and ally disposition. Group your units as you see fit for easier control in the upcoming battle.

Step 2.

Set the behavior of all of your units, except archers, to 'hold position' (H).

Step 3. Left flank:

  • Move your foot pikemen to the edge of the gully and set them to circle formation (enemy cavalry will try to move through there to slaughter archers of your ally).
  • Position your mounted archers behind the pikemen to provide fire support.
  • Position your cavalry somewhere to the left to charge the enemy from the rear when it will get tied up with your foot soldiers.

Step 4. Right flank:

  • Stay close to two foot allied regiments which hold the flank.
  • Attack enemy regiments at the flanks and rear. They will suffer the biggest morale loss and will break soon.
  • Try to give orders to each of your regiments individually (use pause for convenience).
  • Prioritize battle-worthy regiments (unit symbol is normal or flashes white). Don't pursue broken units (their symbol is white and doesn't flash) if there are still fighting enemy units around.

Step 5.

After defeating the enemy on the flanks, move your mounted units to the enemy rear, while ordering your infantry to run to the right flank of your ally. Enemy cavalry units will attack it and your infantry pikemen will meet them eagerly.

Managing your foot pikemen is not a rocket science:

  • Enemy cavalry attacks - form a circle.
  • Enemy archers fire at you and there is no immediate danger of melee - form line and spread the ranks.
  • Enemy infantry approaches - form line and tighten the ranks.

Step 6.

Now, when your cavalry is behind the enemy lines, it's time to eliminate enemy infantry that lags behind the main force. Easiest way to do this is to order your mounted archers to fire at them and then eliminate by flank cavalry charges.

Step 7.

After eliminating the enemy rearguard you can get right to dealing with the main Mongol force. It attacks your ally on both flanks - right flank is under attack by cavalry and infantry engages on the left flank.

It's better to deal with cavalry first since it's very maneuverable, but right now it will be busy with your ally so you can pin it down and crush.

Remember these simple engagement tips:

  • Mounted archers - encircle them, force them to move to impassable terrain and chokepoints, then pin them down and destroy.
  • Cavalry - try to attack them from several sides and don't forget about your foot pikemen - they are very effective against mounted units in melee.
  • Foot soldiers without ranged attack capability - divide the big force into individual regiments (draw them out using archers) and then engage one by one, preferably from different sides.
  • Archers - don't let them fire at you from close distance. They fear melee - give it to them. Scare them away from your infantry using cavalry units, engage and destroy.

Good luck!

You can also read other articles on this site for more information about units and tactical tips. If you are having trouble engaging those Mongols, don't forget you can lower the difficulty level.

Please also remember that the Real Warfare 2: Northern Crusades is much more flexible in terms of difficulty, offering the strategic mode and sandbox campaign, meaning that in most cases you can choose which battles you fight and when, as well as you can improve your army beforehand. If a battle looks too difficult, you can choose different course of action or go for more easy prey first.

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